About Us

Welcome To Psychedelic Med Shop

Psychedelic Med shop is a lifestyle shop for free and open-minded people.
Our philosophy is still the same as when we started: for easy-going people from easy-going people.

Our shop is divided into 3 different sections:

  • In the Smartshop we offer recovery and nutritional supplements but also herbal-based stimulants such as Kratom, Salvia, Ayahuasca and many more.
    In addition to Magical Trip Truffles, we also offer everything for the easy and professional cultivation of Magical Trip Mushrooms such as spores and very simple ready-to-grow kits.
  • In our Headshop we offer a wide range of water pipes, vaporizers, snuff items and other hardware attributes for the use of mind-expanding products. Here you can also find nice gifts for special occasions.
  • The seed bank in the Psychedelic Med shop Seedshop is stored with the world’s best marijuana seeds from seed growers, who grow exclusively for elephantos.com. The cannabis seeds from psychedelicmedshop.com are a world renowned.
    Our group of loyal customers of marijuana seeds grows every year and confirms therefore that Psychedelic Med shop seeds are of the highest quality.

The assortment in Smartshop, Headshop as well as the Seedshop is regularly updated and extended with new high-quality products.

WHO IS Psychedelic Med shop?

At the beginning of this century we started developing the psychedelicmedshop.com webshop with the aim to introduce the Amsterdam lifestyle to the whole world.
We went looking for great products to let everyone enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer.At the end of 2003, 500 web shops were active in the Netherlands.
We were among the first 500 web shops in the Netherlands and, as internet pioneers, we are proud of this. Back then we opened our Psychedelic Med store in the heart of Amsterdam, around the corner from the famous Rembrandtplein.
Despite the success of this store, 2 years later we decided to close it. The Psychedelic Med shop webshop had a grown enormously and we needed all our time and effort for this.
Psychedelic Med shop has become one of the most successful USA online lifestyle shops in recent years with customers in more than 80 countries.