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Product Name : Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Strenght : Strength [300ugs per tabs very clean and strong ]
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Type : Paper & Gel Tabs
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gel lsd tabs

D-lysergic acid diethylamide, known on the street as gel tabs lsd and “acid”, is one of the most common hallucinogens that are abused recreationally. Hallucinogens significantly alter the user’s perception of reality, time, sounds, thoughts, and feelings. It also produces intense visual hallucinations and changes in mood.

The chemical it is derived from, lysergic acid is also found in a deadly fungus. Moreover, that grows on moldy rye and other staple grains.

It goes by many different names other than acid or lsd gel tabs, such as blotter, tabs, dots, gels, and more. On the street, it can come in as many different forms as it has names. Most popularly, it is seen as blotter paper which has been soaked in an acid solution and dried.

The paper is placed on the tongue and the acid is allowed to absorb into the mouth. The acid can also be “dropped” onto various items that are then consumed, such as sugar cubes and gummy bears.

What are lsd gel tabs?

Acid gel tabs are also known as windowpane acid. Also and are one of the most popular and possibly dangerous ways to consume LSD. lsd gel tabs are a particularly potent form of acid.  Where the LSD and alcohol solution is mixed with gelatin. Further, as a firming agent then pressed into a mold of some sort.

Moreover, the shapes of the molds can be a signature or tradition with some. Also acid gel tabs generally contain some sort of food coloring as well. This will usually be how they are referred to on the street. Further, such descriptions as “blue pyramids” or “yellow sunshine”, for blue pyramid and yellow circle shapes.

safe use of gel tab lsd.

Acid gel tabs have a much longer shelf life than a traditional acid-alcohol solution or blotter acid. They are frequently dosed with higher levels of gel tab lsd. Also, they can be much more difficult to handle for those who are not experienced.

  • Similar-looking pills may still contain completely different substances and/or strengths
  • Use drug testing services if possible
  • Start with 1/3 of the pill and wait at least 2 hours to experience the effects
  • Watch each other and talk to your friends if you’re feeling unwell
  • Brand logos on ecstasy pills are always counterfeits and not related whatsoever to any trademarks

Some of the more horrible effects of LSD are:

  • “bad trip”—a time period of gel tab lsd-induced terror (can last up to twelve hours)
  • temporary or permanent psychosis
  • disassociation with reality
  • depression
  • flash backs
  • accidental death during a trip
  • suicide


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